Nina Wale

Work Address: Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics, W245 Millennium Science Complex, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Twitter: @ninawaleEEB


Full Length CV

(2011-present)  The Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D. Biology

(2010-2011) EcoHealth Alliance (formerly The Wildlife Trust)

Research Associate

Performed literature reviews, database management & analysis primarily for modeling projects aimed at exploring the emergence of infectious diseases. Performed laboratory work for viral discovery, as part of the PREDICT project,  with Simon Anthony at Columbia University. Member of working groups addressing an array of study systems including Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) of American Honey Bees, White Nose Syndrome and Ebolavirus. 

(2007-2010) Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge

BA (Hons) Archaeology & Anthropology (Biological Anthropology) 

Undergraduate Thesis 'The Population Structure of African Vervet Monkeys (Cercopithecus pygerythrus)' with Dr. Leslie Knapp.


To find out more about how I got into studying infectious diseases and why I came across the pond to study at the CIDD, you can read this profile of me.

Research interests

  • Within-host dynamics of multi-strain and multi-species iinfection, and their impact on between-host transmission.

  • Evolution of drug resistance and the ways in which it can be managed.

  • Evolutionary & ecological drivers of the (re-)emergence of infectious diseases.

  • Evolutionary and ecological applications.

  • Links and feedbacks between ecology and evolution.


Kouyos, R.D., Metcalf, C.J.E., Birger. R., Klein, E.Y., zur Wiesch, P.A., Ankomah, P., Arinaminpathy, N., Bogich, T.L., Bonhoeffer, S., Brower, C., Chi-Johnston, G., Cohen, E., Day, T., Greenhouse, B., Huijben, S., Metlay, J., Mideo, N., Pollitt, L.C., Read, A.F., Smith, D.L., Standley, C., Wale, N., & Grenfell, B. (2014). The path of least resistance: aggressive or moderate treatment.  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B 281: 20140566. PDF 

Vandegrift, K.J.; Wale, N. & Epstein, J.H. (2011) An Ecological and Conservation Perspective on Advances in the Applied Virology of Zoonoses. Viruses 3: 379-397. PDF


Music - watching music of all kinds, playing the saxophone & clarinet.

Sports - Since moving to Pennsylvania, I've become addicted to my road bike In a pre-injury and pre-concussion times, I was a runner, rugby player and coxswain. Also a keen armchair sportswoman.

Travel - I have a particular soft spot for Africa but am not limited to it!

Reading the paper.

Discovering the new.