Musings, book reviews & journalism

  • Read, A.F. & Kerr, P.J. (2017). Protection at a Price (on-line title: Do pathogens gain virulence as hosts become resistant?) The Scientist. Oct. Live article | PDF | Infographic
  • Read, A.F. (2017). The selfish germ. PLoS Biology 15: e2003250. PDF | Live article
  • Read, A. F. (2017). It’s a great thing to be lazy and ignorant. Commencement speech, PSU Graduate School Ceremony, May 7 Bryce Jordan Center. Official record | Better format
  • Read, A.F. (2016). Op Ed: Science, politics can team up to solve antibiotic resistance. Philadelphia Inquirer (Aug 4) PDF Live article


  • Read, A.F., & Woods, R.J. (2014). Clinical brief: Antibiotic resistance management. Evolution, Medicine and Public Health. doi: 10.1093/emph/eou024. PDF
  • Read, A.F. 2012. Book review. Matthews, G. (2012). Integrated Vector Management: Controlling Vectors of Malaria and Other Insect Vector Borne Diseases. Wiley-Blackwell. In: Quarterly Review of Biology 88:151.
  • Read, A.F. 2012. Biological battle.  Centre Daily Times. April 29, 2012. PDF
  • Read, A.F. 2012. Vicki Barclay: Enduring evolution. Biology News (PSU Dept Biology Alumni magazine). Winter 2012. PDF
  • Read, A.F. 2011. Taming Evolution. How best to manage the “natural” selection created by medical practice? Science Journal  (PSU’s Eberly College Alumni magazine) Fall 2011. PDF
  • Read, A.F. 2011. Evidence-based resistance management? Plasmodium (Newsletter of the National Institute of Malaria Research, New Delhi) 5(1): 3-4. PDF


  • Read, A.F. 2009. Book review. Harré, R. (2009). Pavlov’s Dogs and Schrödinger’s Cat: Scenes from the Living Laboratory. Oxford University Press, Oxford. In: Nature 458: 1113-1114. PDF
  • Read, A.F. 2009. Book review. Werth, B. (2009). Banquest at Delmonico’s. Great Minds, the Gilded Age, and the Triumph of Evolution in America. Random House, New York. In: Nature 457: 663-664. PDF
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  • Read, A.F. 2008. Book review. Zuk, M. (2007). Riddled with Life: Friendly Worms, Ladybug Sex, and the Parasites That Make Us Who We Are. Harcourt, Orlando. In: Bioscience. 58:362-363. PDF


  • Read A.F., Gandon S., Nee, S. de Roode, J.C. and Mackinnon, M.J. (2005) Evolution of MDV virulence: an evolutionary biologist perspective. In: V. Nair (ed.) Recent Advances in Marek’s Disease Research: Proceedings of the 7th International MD Symposium, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 10 -14th July (pp. 69-73). Institute for Animal Health, Compton, UK
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  • Read, A.F. 2003 Various articles in The Irish Times while a BA Media Fellow are available here (scroll down a bit).
  • Wedekind, C. 2001. Biographical Biology. Review of “Darwin & Co. Eine Geschichte der Biologie in Portraits (in German).” Volumes I and II, edited by I. Jahn and M. Schmitt. Nature 413: 568-569. PDF
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Last century

  • Read, A.F. 2000. Book Review: Vetvicka, V. & Sima, P. 1998. Evolutionary Mechanisms of Defense Reactions. Birkhaüser Verlag. In: Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 13: 151-152. PDF
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  • Read, A.F., & Nee, S. 1993. Haldane’s coincidence: a reply to Brookfield. Evolution. 47: 1888-1889. PDF

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