Jessica Waite

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics
The Pennsylvania State University
W-244A Millennium Science Complex
University Park, PA 16802, USA


111 Merkle Building, University Park, PA 16802, USA


Research Assistant. March 2015-present. The Pennsylvania State University. Andrew Read and Matt Thomas groups.

Postdoctoral Researcher. 2012-2015. The Pennsylvania State University. Andrew Read and Matt Thomas groups.

Ph.D. 2006-2012. University of Utah. Advisor: Dale H. Clayton; Committee: Fred Adler, M. Denise Dearing, Jeb Owen (WSU), Wayne Potts, and Franz Goller

B.S. Biology. (Cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa), 2005. University of Vermont. Advisor: Joseph J. Schall

Research interests

Evolution and ecology of pathogens, transmission dynamics and interactions between vector and pathogen, vector and host. Evolution of pathogen virulence, and strategies to prevent drug and insecticide resistance. My postdoctoral work is focused on novel mosquito control strategies and the ecology of malaria parasites in mosquitoes.


(Reprints available upon request)

Sternberg, E.D., Waite, J.L., and M.B. Thomas. 2014. Evaluating the efficacy of biological and conventional insecticides with the new ‘MCD bottle’ bioassay. Malaria Journal 13:499

Owen, J.P.*, Waite J.L.*, and D.H. Clayton. 2014. Does antibody binding to novel proteins predict future infection? Invited article for Parasite Immunology 36:571-582        *these authors contributed equally to this work.

Waite, J.L., A.R. Henry, J.P. Owen and D.H. Clayton. 2014. An experimental test of the effects of behavioral and immunological defenses against vectors: do they interact to protect birds from blood parasites? Parasites & Vectors 7:104

Ghosh, S., J.L. Waite, F.R. Adler, and D.H. Clayton. 2014. Can antibodies against flies alter malaria transmission in birds by changing vector behavior? Journal of Theoretical Biology 358:93-101

Waite, J.L. 2014. From one host to another: tracking vector movements using microsatellite markers; a News and Views Perspective. Molecular Ecology 23:750-752

Waite, J.L., A.R. Henry, F.R. Adler, and D.H. Clayton. 2012. Sex-specific effects of an avian malaria parasite on an insect vector: Support for the resource limitation hypothesis. Ecology 93:2448-2455.

Knutie, S.A.*, J.L. Waite*, and D.H. Clayton. 2013. Does avian malaria (Haemoproteus columbae) reduce fledging success: An experimental test of the selection hypothesis. Evolutionary Ecology 27:185-191 (Online first May 2012, DOI 10.1007/s10682-012-9578-y) *these authors contributed equally to this work.

Waite, J.L., A.R. Henry and D.H. Clayton. 2012. How effective is preening against mobile ectoparasites? An experimental test with pigeons and pigeon flies. International Journal for Parasitology 42: 463-467.

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Martinsen, E.M., J.L. Waite, and J.J. Schall. 2007. Morphologically defined subgenera of Plasmodium from avian hosts: test of monophyly by phylogenetic analysis of two mitochondrial genes. Parasitology 134:483-490.


Hiking, running, xc-skiing, and biking are my favorite ways to spend time outside.