Eleanore Sternberg

111 Merkle Lab
Penn State University
University Park
PA 16802, USA

Tel. +1 814 865 1024
Website: http://eleanoresternberg.wordpress.com/
Email: eds16@psu.edu


Postdoctoral researcher (September 2012 - Present). The Pennsylvania State University.

Ph.D. in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (August 2012). Emory University. Supervisor: Dr. Jaap de Roode. Dissertation: "Local adaptation and ecological determinants of infection in a monarch butterfly-parasite interaction"

B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology (May 2005). University of California, Berkeley.

Research interests

I'm an evolutionary ecologist by training, with a focus on host-parasite interactions. As a postdoc, I have moved towards more applied research questions aimed at disease control.

What bridges the two phases of my career is an interest in how environmental context shapes transmission. During my PhD, my focus was on how natural environmental variation affects parasite infections in monarch butterflies. Currently, my focus is on understanding how humans can modify their environment to better control mosquito populations and, ultimately, malaria.


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Sternberg, E.D., Lefèvre, T., Li, J., Lopez Fernandez de Castillejo, C., Li, H., Hunter, M.D., De Roode, J.C. (2012). Food plant-derived disease tolerance and resistance in a natural butterfly-plant-parasite interaction. Evolution 66:3367-3376.

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