Andrew Read

Room W-230A Millennium Science Complex

+814 867-2396 (office)
+814 321 5004 (cell)
+814 863-5720 (lab phone)

Fax: +814- 865-1250

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-7604-7903



Full CV (pdf)

Pennsylvania State University (from 2007)
Evan Pugh Professor of Biology and Entomology (from 2014)
Director, Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics (from 2010)
Eberly Professor in Biotechnology (from 2015)
Alumni Professor in the Biological Sciences (2012-2014)
Eberly College of Science Distinguished Senior Scholar (2007-2012)
Professor of Biology (2007-2012)
Professor of Entomology (2007-2014)

University of Edinburgh (1993-2007)
Professor of Natural History (1998-2007)
BBSRC Second Advanced Research Fellowship (1998)
BBSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (1993-1997)
Adjunct Professor, University of Tromsø, Norway (1992-1997)

University of Oxford (1985-1992)
Lloyds of London Tercentenary Fellowship (1991-1992)
Lecturer in Zoology, St Catherines College, Oxford University (1989-90)
Junior Research Fellowship, Christ Church, Oxford (1988-1992)

Fellow The Royal Society (elected 2015)
Fellow American Academy of Microbiology (elected 2014)
Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science (elected 2012)
Fellow Royal Society of Edinburgh (elected 2003)
Scientific Medal, Zoological Society of London (1999)
Young Investigator Award, American Society of Naturalists (1991)
Thomas Henry Huxley Award, Zoological Society of London (1991)
Commonwealth Scholarship to Merton College, Oxford (1985-1988)

D.Phil., University of Oxford (1985-1989) [Adviser: Prof. Paul Harvey FRS]
BSc(Hons) 1st Class, Zoology, University of Otago, NZ (1981-1984)

Research interests

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For a well-written lay summary of my current interests, try this.


My sabbatical year (2006-7) at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin was special. Read why.

I was a British Science Association (previously the British Association) Media Fellow 2003, based with the Irish Times in Dublin. (The BA = British Association for the Advancement of Science.) For details of the scheme, and what previous fellows made of it, click here. To see what I made of it, click here, and what daily life was like, click here. Example stories:

Sept. 18 p.11
Exercise and the elderly Sept. 13 p.6
EU regulations that kill people Sept. 12 p.8
Tone deaf? Sept. 12 p.8
Irrational birds Aug. 21 p.8
Near-zeroG engineering Sept. 4 p.13
Solar storms Sept. 4 p. 13
Irish FRS's Oct. 16 p. 17

Stranger yet, I am part of an art installation.

More conventionally, here is me giving a public lecture about what we do, and here I talk to the Palo Alto Insitute about evolution-proofing pharmaceuticals. Here I am teaching on a CME course on Evolutionary Medicine. Here I try to explain to New Zealanders why we do what we do. Here and here I talk to colleagues about my teaching, with further ruminations here and here. You can see an example of me in MOOC action here. Or visit the CIDD U-tube channel. Here, I give a 2014 public lecture at Wiko in Berlin (I start half way through). Here I try to explain infectious diseases to the citizens of Pennsylvania on live TV. And here, I try to guess the important stuff we (the scientific community) will have done by 2034...

In 2012, I gave a TEDMED talk. The talk was captured as cartoon and loud art. As part of the whole TEDMED scene, Hanoch Piven attempted the first ever artistic portrait of me. We never met; he based the portrait on my photo on this page and drew on my answer to TEDMED's question 'what five objects best describe you?' (my NZ passport, my UK passport, my Green Card, my white board, and my imaginary BMW).

And here you can hear me talk about my profession (log in as guest).